Travel Strategies

Here is a sure-fire 3-step way to plan travel (with just 3 considerations per step)

Step 1: Building Blocks

The three building blocks of any travel are:

  1. time (blocks of travelable time)
  2. money (annual travel budget)
  3. locations (think regions, rather than individual cities/sites)

Step 2: Priorities

Because we always want more than we can have, we need to know what is more important or practical, with:

  1. what places we feel drawn to or have a special need for
  2. special events or timing that would make this trip special
  3. meeting our budgets of time, money, and effort.

Step 3: Practicalities

Regardless of our needs or choices, we have to be practical about getting them.

  1. check different kinds of services (Skyscanner, Expedia, Trip Advisor,, etc) as well as any air/hotel member programs.
  2. build three versions of an itinerary, accommodating for variance balances, including finances
  3. give your top list to a travel agent, to see if they can do better for same price (or less for same trip)


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