Our Thoughts

As we go through the good, bad, and ugly of life, we learn how to cope.

Here are some of the ideas, methods, and lessons learned:

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A truly exciting and iconic city that also has a seedy side...


This amazing city is always on the top of the 'World's Most Livable Cities' lists...

One of the hardest questions to answer, as the answer changes throughout our lives, depending on circumstances, emotions, and prosperity.


Everyone has their 'secrets' that works for them.  Here's mine.


When and how are not the only questions.


We all want 5 star living, but prefer 3 star pricing.   :-(


The first step is always Understanding, immediately followed by Acceptance.


Wow!  I had no idea this was possible. Or so life-changing.

I remember when...

I remember when...

I remember when...

I remember when...

I remember when...

I remember when..

I remember when..

San Francisco is very much like Melbourne..

Watch for our upcoming article!

We often start out driven by 'quality of life' but somehow slide into 'get things done' along the way.

Do what you have to.

Medical drama with evolving ensemble cast of characters.

(on ABC)

Hard to explain

This is what happened to me and what I can do about it

While in the hospital, after 'a close call', I had a dream, an epiphany, or a very cool film idea, depending on how you want to look at it.


Something unexpected happened. Uh Oh!

time to make a change. or not.