As a Couple..

In the Beginning..

Nearly twenty years ago, I 'walked into' an online chat room and minutes later was engaged. Little did I know that we actually meant it! Back then, online dating raised eyebrows and concerns, but we found no creeps.  

Yes, we are still happily married, despite life throwing every curveball you can imagine (and then some!)


Being across the globe from each other got old very quickly. However, that's when the issues we were warned about started rearing their very ugly heads, like:

  • where to live together
  • how to work overseas
  • how often to 'go home'
  • when do we 'flip' locations
  • how can we keep family relations close, regardless of location
  • taxes, times two
  • planning retirement
  • family losses
  • kids moving out


Ready or not (usually when not), life hands us little surprises. Some are almost pleasant, but most leave us shaking out heads, mouthing "WTF?!?".


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Benny Emanuel Sahari

11/03/73 – 24/06/2013